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Don Frost

1) Don’s father and uncles sang Southern Gospel for over 50 years and knew & were known by everyone involved at the Vaughan School of Music. They also sang on WLAC Radio and had a regular radio show on WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN.

2) Don and his wife, Barbara, brothers Carl and Alvin, along with Mary Lynch Jarvis, sang as The Frost Jr. Quartet in the 1950’s, traveling to many places throughout several states.

3) In 1962, The Frost Brothers, Don, Alvin & Carl, added 12 year old brother John and were one of the first groups to record for the Benson Company’s Heartwarming Records.

4) They received a Grammy nomination and then recorded many albums for Benson, Skylite and Sims Records.

5) The Frost Brothers traveled throughout the USA and Canada and sang with most of the top groups including The Blackwoods, The Statesmen, The Stamps, The Imperials, The LeFevres, The Weatherfords, Wendy Bagwell, and many others. They were one of the few all brother groups.

6) They were the first all white quartet to sing on an all black show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL in the early 1960’s. They were a huge hit as they performed with Shirley Caesar, The Staple Singers, The 5 Blind Boys, The Sewanee Quintet and the Swan Silvertones. They were seen on Jubilee Showcase TV show with these same groups for several years.

7) They also were one of the first Southern Gospel groups to perform on major country music shows and worked with Hank Snow, Mel Tillis, Del Reeves, Webb Pierce, Dottie West, Skeeter Davis, Jim Ed Brown, Tex Ritter, Jeannie C. Riley, Hank Locklin, Bob Luman, Jimmy Dickens, Jerry Reed and many others.

8) They worked on package shows for Music City News and were the only gospel act at that time to do so. Dixie Deen, later to become Mrs. Tom T. Hall, was one of the principals of the magazine.

9) In 1967, Don was an officer of a major bank in Nashville, TN and was named Oustanding Salesman of the Year by the bank and did more to promote gospel music than any banker in Nashville ever. Many of the top groups depended on him for loans, bus financing, etc. He never let them down.

10) In 1968, the GMA was meeting in the basement of the Capitol Park Inn. Don was responsible for getting the board meetings moved to the penthouse of Third National Bank where they were treated like royalty and were served steak dinners by the bank at these meetings. The entire industry was treated differently by the banks of Music City after this. Don personally pioneered bus financing for the Southern Gospel groups on a major scale.

11) Don was elected to the Board of Directors of GMA and served as Membership Chairman for a year.

12) Also in 1968, the Frost Brothers went to Dallas Frazier with an idea for a gospel version of his hit ”There Goes My Everything“. It was introduced that same year by the brothers as ”He Is My Everything“ and it was played almost every day on WSM by Grant Turner. It has since been recorded by almost every artist in gospel music as well as Elvis Presley.

13) Don left gospel music for several years and was a motivational speaker.

14) He got back into gospel music full time 15 years ago and has had some incredible success.

15) As a writer, he has written a lot of songs that have been recorded by many artists including The Frost Brothers and he wrote 3 songs that were on one album for Roy Carter and the Chuck Wagon Gang.

16) He had a hit on his own with a song called ”How Much Do You Love Me?“

17) The Frost Brothers had 2 number one country gospel hits in one year on the Sims label.

18) Don’s biggest accomplishment by far was the idea for Music City Gospel Showcase TV show 13 years ago. It was to promote groups that were having problems being ”seen and heard“. Don Frost has produced more new artists and got them on national TV than anyone in the history of gospel music. The number of artists exceeds 450, which includes artists from South Africa, Canada and Jamaica.

19) He was the first gospel TV producer to use a full band in all the videos as well as additional lighting effects.

20) He also produced videos for well known artists such as Jack Greene, The Four Guys, Skeeter Davis, The Florida Boys, Young Harmony, The Dixie Melody Boys, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Dottie Rambo, Naomi and the Segos, Sons of the Father, The LeFevres, The Blackwoods and many others.

21) After attending the National Quartet Convention in 2001, Don decided there was a need for a convention for the part-time and less known full-time artists who had no place to be seen and heard on a larger scale.

22) He started the Music City Gospel Showcase National Convention at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center in 2003. Over 40 artists performed and it was televised on GMT and Sky Angel. Nothing had ever been done for these artists of this magnitude.

23) Over 200 groups have performed at the Convention and have been seen nationally. The 2009 Convention will include 60 acts including The Blackwoods, The Imperials, The Weatherfords and The Frost Brothers.

24) Don now has the full support from Angel II Network for all his shows as well as TV57 in Atlanta, GA.

25) Don started a Southern Gospel Choir at Franklin Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN. He is responsible for getting the church to do Southern Gospel exclusively at the church’s worship services. The Choir released a single on the Sims label; ”No Greater Love“ which is at the radio stations now and was penned by Don.

26) Don is now working to expand into all facets of Southern Gospel. This will allow an artist to get anything they need at one place.

27) In 2005, The Frost Brothers were invited to Washington, DC to perform for NUAF Summit Meeting. They were the only entertainment and it was attended by senators, congressmen, political leaders, community leaders and pastors representing hundreds of churches from across America.

28) Even though The Factory in Franklin, TN, has hosted almost every major country artist for TV shoots, Don was the first person to bring Southern Gospel there in 2006 and televise it nationally via Sky Angel. The Florida Boys, The Blackwoods, The LeFevres, Naomi & The Segos, Sherrill Nielsen and Voice along with legends Bill Shaw, Roy McNeal, Tommy Cash & over 40 other soloists, duets, trios & quartets performed.

29) In the last two years, Don has received accolades for his endeavors from the Governor of Tennessee and The Tourism Department. In 2008, there was a Don Frost Day in Hendersonville, TN as well as Pigeon Forge, TN, declared by the mayors of these two cities.

30) In addition to all of this, Don chose to get recognition for some artists he felt had not been given their due. He did this by presenting Living Legend Awards to Skeeter Davis, Bill Shaw, Roy McNeal, Jackie Marshall, and Ron & R.W. Blackwood, Jr. Each recipient received a beautiful trophy, a medallion, a video tribute and each award was presented on Sky Angel TV as well as articles in major magazines.

31) Don and Music City Gospel Showcase also recognized several Southern Gospel stalwarts with a Pioneer Award. The recipients of this award were Paul Boden, Russell Sims, Ron Campbell and Ronnie Page. The late Paul Boden for his work with U.S. Gospel News; Russell Sims, who produced the Goodmans’ first hits as well as hundreds of other recordings; Ron Campbell, who has been on TV promoting gospel for years and usually out of his own pocket; and finally Ron Page, who had the first gospel video show in Nashville, TN.

32) In the 13 years since Don started Music City Gospel Showcase, he has never been off TV.
Footnote: Over 3500 gospel artists from across America have sent Music City Gospel Showcase demos in the past 13 years.

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