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About Us

At Duo, we combine security expertise with a user-centered philosophy to provide two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation and secure single sign-on tools for the modern era. It’s so simple and effective, you get the freedom to focus on your mission and leave protecting it to us.

Duo is built on the promise of doing the right thing for our customers and each other. This promise is as central to our business as the product itself. Our four guiding principles are the heart of this sensibility: Easy, Effective, Trustworthy, Enduring


As a company, we recognize that building the right kind of workplace is vital for building the right kind of products, so we start from within by empowering team members to innovate and lead.

For our customers, we design products that are a snap to get up and running, easy to maintain and don’t get in the way of you or your end users.


As a company, we support each other’s well-being, lead with compassion and promote diversity and inclusion.

For our customers, we build empathy for their needs and pain points by taking a people-first approach, from conducting extensive research with users to providing support that truly fosters peace of mind.


As a company, we value learning together, focusing on the customer, mentoring next-gen tech talent and taking pride in doing the right thing.

For our customers, we build a resilient infrastructure, earn the endorsement of top-flight investors and recognize that we’re only as successful as you are.


As a company, we plan for the future by investing in strong relationships, innovating and driving trends, and perpetually looking for ways to do better for ourselves and our community.

For our customers, we address today’s security issues while anticipating the challenges in years to come and working with intention to uphold our values as we grow.

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Our Customers

Ninety-eight percent of Duo customers – which includes brands like Etsy, Facebook, Random House, Toyota and Zillow – would recommend our security solutions, and we hold the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry. Why? Our solutions are the easiest to use and best value in the biz, and our customer support can't be beat.

Hear From Our Customers
of customers recommend Duo98%500 MillionAuthentications every monthEmployees800+Net Promoter Score70+20,000+Paying Customers 98%of customers recommend Duo20,000+Paying customers in 100 countriesNet Promoter ScoreEmployees800+70+500 MillionAuthentications every month 98%of customers recommend Duo20,000+Paying customers in 100 countriesEmployees800+Net Promoter Score70+500 MillionAuthentications every month